Sustainable Engineering – Delivering Better Buildings

What Customers Say About Us

“They bring a “can do” attitude to the project”

“Always willing to put forth the extra effort to help the client understand the benefits and drawbacks to a project solution”

“They look at all options, however, not “pie in the sky”, but solutions that will work”

“Excel by looking at project components they are designing in terms of how they will holistically impact the rest of the project”

“They give us solid options for solving complex issues”

“Service is personalized and they deliver on their commitments”

“Always seek the right solution, and bring in open-minded attitude to the project”

“Terrific at listening, which is “job one” in formulating a solution”

“Very diligent and will consider so many options that affect all aspects of the building - from concept to end-of-life”

“The ability to communicate a problem and a solution is extraordinary”

“Energy efficiency is not approached as a trendy concept - but they truly care about it”

“Solutions are cutting-edge, but not “bleeding edge””

“I trust the ability to analyze and solve a problem”

“Always trying to gain more input, so that an evaluation can be made beyond just the obvious answer, and provide solutions that fit the needs of the project”

“They look for conservation in all projects, while also always looking for the most practical solution”

“Definitely kept the project moving and allowed us to be on track, even when there were signs the project could spin out of control”

“Their ideas allowed for downsizing of equipment, helping to reduce costs and ultimately meeting project budget”


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