Sustainable Engineering – Delivering Better Buildings

Amazing opportunities for commercial buildings; here’s why it’s important.

More than 70% of commercial buildings in the US are over 20 years old, and likely in need of system upgrades and renovations. Think about incorporating greater performance and energy-efficiency when doing those necessary projects and the results could pay for themselves quickly.

The buildings energy-use sector is far behind the other energy-use sectors (industrial process and transportation) in terms of energy efficiency and carbon reduction. Nearly 76% of all electricity produced in the US is for buildings, and buildings are responsible for 43% of carbon. If current trends continue, buildings will increase in energy use so much that they will consume as much energy as the industrial process and transportation energy-use sectors, combined, by 2025.

While designing and constructing our new buildings more sustainably is important; existing buildings make up at least 98% of commercial building stock in the US. Even the most efficient new building will take up to 80 years to make up for the negative environmental impacts of its construction.

A focus on existing buildings is critical. Low cost and no cost operating and retrofit energy conservation measures for existing buildings can reduce the  energy consumption of the average commercial building in the US by at least 10%, to as much as 40%.

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