Sustainable Engineering – Delivering Better Buildings

“WOW!” Facts

The US consumes about 25% of the world’s resources; yet comprises only about 5% of the world’s population.   [US EPA]

Enough sunlight strikes the Earth’s surface in one hour to provide all of our energy needs for an entire year. [Massachusetts Institute of Technology]

Since 1973 the US population has grown roughly 42%; and our energy usage has increased by approximately 48% during that same time-frame. [Kiona International]

Commercial buildings labeled by the Energy Star program, use an average of 40% less energy compared to buildings that do not participate. Unfortunately, only about 1% of the 4 billion commercial buildings in the US are EnergyStar labeled. [US EPA]

The US population has more than doubled since 1954.  Our use of potable water has more than tripled in that same time-frame. [US EPA]

If we continue to build and operate buildings as we have, by 2025 buildings will consume more energy globally than transportation and industry, combined. [National Science and Technology Council]

Highest among all the things employees report as disrupting their productivity; 36% are related to the performance of the building’s HVAC system. (American Society of Interior Designers]